I believe deeply in the power of a sincere loving touch.  Last year I became curious about the profound healing capacity of touch, which led me to train in Bodywork.

I trained with the renowned Alchemy of Touch, a school of bodywork with a unique & deeply effective style.  Mixing elements of Thai massage, Osho rebalancing massage, Deep Tissue Strokes, myofascial release, & their own Fluid Touch, a session is intuitive & healing.  The touch mimics the flow of energy within the body, aids the clearing of blockages and creates deep and soft space.

In this year of isolation, the power of touch is that bit more potent.

At the moment I am set up at Breeze Yoga in Beckenham every Tuesday from 9-2pm in their brand new treatment rooms.  Please book here, and use the code BODYWORK1 for £10 off your first treatment.

I am available for home visits - location dependant, and prices to be agreed.  It is important to me to make healing accessible, so please reach out if you are in need of a treatment but aren't in a place of abundance.  Healing & comfort shouldn't be a privilege.