Crystallise is a movement of togetherness to hold and cherish our deepest worth. 2020 has been a hurricane of a year, and has left many of us feeling scattered and in need of something deep and medicinal.
There is a strong call for intimate listening. Our innermost voices tend to get muted in life’s busyness, and this is time to step back and listen with tenderness to what your soul craves.
I will share different tools to
melt away blockages
clarify visions
create space to soothe wounds
harness the glow of inspiration
and believe in your own essence
We will work through the medium of a daily and non dogmatic Sadhana involving ritual, meditation, journaling, self massage & touch, Nidra, breathwork & soundbaths. Each week we will connect in Zoom circles, and I would love you to connect to each other and open up channels of support.

How does it work?
I have created a private Instagram group for us to meet in – I have chosen Instagram as it gives you scope to explore eachother’s creative and visual worlds. Each evening, I will upload a fifteen minute video for you to watch in the morning upon your own waking, with a meditation and instructions for the day’s workings. Please allow yourself time for the whole video, and I encourage more if you wish to move spaciously. Try not to miss days, as we will weave upon the threads of the previous days.

What's included?
3 weeks of;
6 x 15 minute videos, sent each evening for you as you wake the following morning. I encourage you to spend all the time that you wish on these videos.
1 x weekly Zoom Circle, where we come together to share stories and encouragement.
1 x weekly gathering of Nidra, Yoga or Sound.
My one on one guidance and support.
We finish a week before the Solstice. I deeply urge you to pick up the threads of whichever tools resonated the most, and carry on this Sadhana to take you through - and then beyond.

Cost is as follows:
I will use a sliding scale of £50 or £75. I have places for Scholarships for BIPOC & individual cases – if this is you, please email me directly. When paying the higher tier, please know you are supporting someone else to access this web, and I am very grateful.

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