I came to yoga as a teenager in a church hall.  I didn't get it.
I came back to yoga after struggling with eating disorders in my early 20s, and glowed.

Yoga's been a deeply healing path for me, and supported my ED recovery, as well as anxiety and depression.
One of my biggest passions in life is to share this healing - whether that's through joy, relaxation, play or through something physically deeper. I've been teaching since 2015, and am trained in Vinyasa, Yin, Mandala and Forrest. After becoming more and more curious about bodies and their link to the mind, I trained as a Bodyworker.

My aim in class is for each student to connect to themselves & what they honestly need from their practice, in a way that empowers and soothes. To reclaim your feeling of choice, and observe deeply how your body and mind react to movement.

You can find me darting around London between studios, boxing rings & climbing walls, as well as playing handpan & mixing music. I am a tarot reader, writer & ice cream enthusiast.